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Writing Critic is a forum for writers seeking critical feedback, but also a community for writers in general. While the majority of the posts will be pieces requesting comments, feel free to post anything else you feel would be useful for the writing process.

We understand that not everyone writes at the same level of ability, and not everyone wants to receive the same levels of criticism. If a post is intended for critiquing, please put somewhere in the subject line "Crit:Harsh/Moderate/Gentle".

What this means:

Gentle--please try to be kind and considerate of the authors feelings, while still offer some mild suggestions where appropriate.

Moderate--the default critique. point out the good and the bad, offer suggestions and advice.

Harsh--be brutal. we don't want your praise; we don't care what you think is 'nice'. tell it like it is, and focus on the negative.

Remember, this is a community, not a service. Even if you don't have much to say, your thoughts can be extremely helpful. If you're an active poster, please be an active commentor as well.

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